Hairstyling products have had a significant impact on the creation of various hairstyles and trends throughout history, says Wikipedia, and the 21st Century fashionable young man preparing to go out is no different. His checklist would state the following: “Modern, urban outfit – checked, must-have accessories (bag, sunglasses, eye-catching watch – checked, stylish hairstyle and/or beard style – checked”. Stylish, modern and fashion up-to-date hair/beard style– checked? Hey, young man, if you haven’t used Uppercut Deluxe hair/beard products – check again.

Uppercut Deluxe, Australian brand prepared for you one of the most high-quality hair and beard styling products inspired by the vintage 1950’s barbershop immortal style. Whether you actually need styling products which will control your hair/beard (pomade, wax, clay, beard balm), wash/shave products or combing accessories – Uppercut Deluxe has it all! You can even buy outlandish T-shirts to complete your new or refreshed striking style, impossible not to be noticed.

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Each product is made of high-quality deluxe ingredients and their vast collection of products contains products suitable for each hair type. Each one of them is specifically mainly made with a special accent on the difference between women’s and men’s hair, basically on a different type of hairs to provide complete, men-suitable hair care with the quite special manly feel of cleanliness without even a touch of womanly fragrances.

According to the latest men’s hairstyles trends – the most popular men’s haircuts in 2017 will be a whole bunch of different short haircuts along with longer messy hairstyles and of course fade haircuts – which don’t decline in their popularity for years now. So many different men’s hairstyles increasing in number each year give each man the opportunity to express his personality and sense of fashion through them.

Picking the right haircut for you is not so very easy. It would actually depend on the shape of your face, on how thick your hair is, whether your hair is easy to control, which type it is – greasy or dry, how long it is and many other factors – but those ones are the most important. Choose the right one for you (ask your hairstylist, google it or read the magazine) and we will help you with the fact that whichever haircut you choose – Uppercut Deluxe has the right product for you to maintain your haircut the way you like it and keep your hair healthy.

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The first thing you will need is the right accessory combing and stylize your hair – and guess what? Uppercut Deluxe surely has the right one styling comb or roller for you – easy to use and made of high-quality, durable materials.


We are sure that we don not have to remind you that only clean hair is nice hair – even if your haircut is remarkable, if the hair is dirty each effort to look nice is useless. That’s why Uppercut Deluxe offers you shampoos and conditioner for each type of hair, suitable for everyday use.



Oh, we are sure you were waiting for this part, it is our favorite too because when it comes to the Uppercut Deluxe – that’s where they are the best, unrivaled and without competition good enough to provide the products the same quality as Uppercut Deluxe’s are.

You can choose between different types of styling product based on your haircut – there is one for any. Whether your haircut demands light wax hold for a messy dry look, or you need something of medium or strong hold strength, ideal for all kinds of short or fade haircuts – try Uppercut Deluxe’s Featherweight wax, Matt Clay, regular or Matt Pomade (find difference between wax and pomade on Wikipedia), or Uppercut Monster Hold.

As you can conclude from the products’ names you can choose both between hold strength level and shiny or matt look. And the last but not the least – you can buy all Uppercut Deluxe products in sets or combined in travel kit to cover all your needs.

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Other Uppercut Deluxe goods:

Besides a vast range of hair products, Uppercut Deluxe offers beard care products, moustache styling products, T-shirts and stylish toothbrush – as we’ve already said – anything young man needs for the stylish and fashionable look.

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As every serious customer oriented brand, Uppercut Deluxe won’t leave you without video presentation of their products along with numerous haircut tips videos, only on Vimeo.

Don’t miss to take a look!

Where can I buy? 

Well, each Uppercut Deluxe product is available on their own website and in Westfield stores as well.